RoadMap partners presented their advances at the 7th Mars Atmosphere Modelling and Observations (MAMO) workshop, which was held in Paris, France from June 14 to 17.
We had several talks and posters showing the results obtained so far.


  • posters:
    • RoadMap - from Lab to Space: Experimental Scattering Matrices of Martian Dust Analogues; Munoz O. et al.
    • Retrieval of Optical Constants at UV-VIS-NIR for Martian Dust Analogues by Modelling Light Scattering, Martikainen J. et al.
    • Aerosol Nadir Retrieval from NOMAD/UVIS on board Exomars TGO, Willame Y. et al.
    • Dust Climatology from NOMAD UVIS Channel, Flimon Z. et al.
    • Ozone Observed by TGO/NOMAD-UVIS Solar Occultation: an Intercomparison of three Retrieval Methods, Piccialli A. et al.
    • RoadMap - from Lab to Space: Applying an Updated Dust Lifting Equation in the GEM-Mars GCM, Neary L. et al.


  • Orals:
    • Relationship Between the Ozone and Water Vapour Vertical Profiles on Mars Observed by NOMAD-TGO, Piccialli A. et al.
    • Simulating Atmospheric Chemistry and D/H during the 2018 Global Dust Storm on Mars , Daerden F. et al.
    • Mesospheric Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Retrievals From NOMAD-SO Onboard TGO, Trompet L. et al.