The overall objective is to disseminate the knowledge and outcomes generated by RoadMap, involving and reaching the scientific and education community, as well as the general public. Specific objectives are:

  • Define and organize the tasks related to dissemination activities
  • Provide and apply an exploitation plan
  • Ensure regular communication to the scientific community and the larger audience

Lead / Participants



Dissemination and Data Exploitation

  •  June 2021: RoadMap is mentionned in the Europlanet Magazine.


Public Communication and Outreach

 Please have a look at the 'Latest News' for all the activities held by the Project's partners.

  • 18 Feb. 2021: Dr. S. Robert of the BIRA-IASB Planetary Atmospheres Group was interviewed during a special event organized by the Public Observatory Armand Pien (Gent, Be) about the Perseverance landing.