GRL (2022)

Geronimo L. Villanueva, Giuliano Liuzzi, Shohei Aoki, Shane W. Stone, Adrian Brines, Ian R. Thomas, Miguel Angel Lopez-Valverde, Loic Trompet, Justin Erwin, Frank Daerden, Bojan Ristic, Michael D. Smith, Michael J. Mumma, Sara Faggi, Vincent Kofman, Séverine Robert, Lori Neary, Manish Patel, Giancarlo Bellucci, J.-J. Lopez-Moreno, Ann Carine Vandaele


villanueva22 hdo

Seasonal evolution of water and its D/H across a full Martian Year, starting on MY34 and ending on LS=240 MY35. Only H2O values with uncertainties lower than 15 ppmv and D/H values with sigma lower than 1VSMOW are shown. The global dust storm and the large regional dust storm that took place during LS=190 to LS=360 of MY34 greatly modified the atmosphere, and brought water to very high altitudes. In all cases, the D/H drops notably beyond the hygropause to 1-2 VSMOW, and the profiles show an enriched value of 5-7 VSMOW within the hygrosphere. The hygrosphere can be challenging to properly sample, since in many cases it extends only to altitudes less than 20 km and is close to the detection limit via occultation. The latitude sub-panels indicate the sampled latitudes during that season and the colors indicate average value for that season.