JGR (2022); https://doi.org/10.1029/2022JE007231

S. Aoki, A. C. Vandaele, F. Daerden, G. L. Villanueva, G. Liuzzi, R. T. Clancy, M. A. Lopez-Valverde, A. Brines, I. R. Thomas, L. Trompet, J. T. Erwin, L. Neary, S. Robert, A. Piccialli, J. A. Holmes, M. R. Patel, N. Yoshida, J. Whiteway, M. D. Smith, B. Ristic, G. Bellucci, J. J. Lopez-Moreno, A. A. Fedorova


aoki22 water


Seasonal variation of the water vapor vertical profiles from LS=160° in MY 34 to LS=130° in MY 36 retrieved from the NOMAD data in the northern hemisphere (the middle panel) and the southern hemisphere (the bottom panel). The retrievals are binned with an interval of 1° of solar longitudes (averaged in latitudes and longitude). The top panel shows the latitudes and local solar time of the measurements (same as Fig. 1). The white represents either no detection or no measurement.