RoadMap partners actively participated to the EPSC (EuroPlanet Europlanet Science Congress), 13-24 Sept. 2021, virtual:

  • Interview during the ‘Daily Briefing’ of Wednesday 22/09 conference (AC. Vandaele, BIRA-IASB)
  • Organizer of the Wiki-edit-a-thon sessions (6 in total) during the EPSC21 conference, to highlight female planetary scientists on Wikipedia (A. Piccialli, BIRA-IASB)
  • 17 presentations linked to NOMAD, from which the following are directly linked to RoadMap
    • Relationship between the ozone and water vapour vertical profiles on Mars observed by NOMAD-TGO, Arianna Piccialli et al.
    • Water vapor vertical distributions on Mars: Results from three years of TGO/NOMAD science operations, Shohei Aoki, Ann Carine Vandaele et al.
    • Nadir retrieval of ice clouds and dust from NOMAD/UVIS on board Exomars TGO, Yannick Willame et al.
    • Update on CO2 and temperature profiles retrievals from NOMAD-SO on board ExoMars TGO, Loïc Trompet et al.
    • The Martian environment observed by NOMAD on ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, Ann Carine Vandaele et al.