A new animated video has been developed in order to present the roles of the different partners of the RoadMap research project to the public. *English/Dutch/ French dubtitles available*

RoadMap: How do we study Mars in a lab?

 2nd animation roadmap



RoadMap's Spanish team was visited by journalists and camera crew from the Spanish TV channel Canalsur, resulting in a short documentary piece for the occasion Women in Science Day. *English, French, Dutch and Spanish subtitles available*

RoadMap: Spanish team on Canalsur TV (2022) 

Olga Munoz on Canalsur


The RoadMap project, its teams and their research are represented at the ExoMars exhibition of the (Flemish) Astropolis Space Science Center in Ostend, Belgium.

The exhibition is centered around ESA's Mars missions and will be open to the public from April 1 until October 31, 2022.


More info: Astropolis


Affiche XPO ExoMars Astropolis

Astrropolis 2 

Astropolis 1

 Astropolis 3

As part of the efforts to communicate the goals and results of the H2020 RoadMap project to the general public, an animation has been developed . The animation has been published on BIRA-IASB's YouTube channel and shared on the Institute's social media.

RoadMap Animated Introduction (December 3, 2021)