10 October 2023

From October till December 2023, the Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología in Madrid hosts the “RoadMap to Mars” expo, that was previously showcased at Astropolis in Oostende. They are also offering free workshops "Mars in a box" during the weekends and public holidays. “Mars in a box” is the educational project developed within RoadMap that aims to introduce European secondary school students to fundamental science through cutting-edge research on Mars through a series of workshops.




9 October 2023

Listen to Olga Muñoz and Dani Guirado from CSIC, speaking about Mars-in-a-box at Mañana Más on NCE, the National Radio of Spain.




18 September 2023

How to keep our rovers and future missions on Mars safe from dust storms? Until now, no computer model can predict when and where dust storms and global dust storms will occur. The teams of scientists working on the RoadMap project aim to improve computer models in order to solve this issue and keep everyone as safe as possible !

RoadMap: Predicting the climate and dust storms on Mars



8 October 2023

Olga Muñoz and Teresa Jardiel participated in the ‘Ciencia en primera Persona’ cycle at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Madrid giving the talk “Marte, nuestro polvoriento vecino en el Sistema Solar” October 8, 2023.  The talk was promoted through social media. The video is available at Marte Polvoriento.

26-27 August 2023

On 26-27 August 2023, the Wolvendael Night took place in the park near the Space Pole in Uccle. Follow a long-standing tradition, BIRA-IASB scientists inserted some drops of science in this mostly cultural event. Arianna Piccialli braved the changeable Belgian weather to demonstrate the “Mars in a box” experiments with the enthusiastic and curious (both adult and little) visitors.