The concept of the RoadMap (ROle and impAct of Dust and clouds in the Martian AtmosPhere) project is defined by an integrated approach of different scientific aspects (laboratory, modelling of specific phenomena, space data analysis, global modelling) in order to improve our vision of the Martian atmosphere and provide a new generation of high-level data which will increase the science return of the past and current missions to Mars, but will also shape and help future planetary missions.

This will be performed through the observation of the Martian atmosphere using existing data to retrieve abundances and properties of gaseous constituents, dust and cloud, through improved analysis tools. These tools will be directly based on measurements carried out in the laboratory. The updated Martian fields will then be used to improve the modelling and understanding of the atmosphere using GCMs (General Circulation Models). The new knowledge will provide input for future Mars missions.





RoadMap is a joint scientific project between BIRA-IASB (Belgium), Aarhus Universitet (Denmark), University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) and CSIC (Spain).


RoadMap animation video