The project consists of the following activities:


WP2 - Laboratory measurements

WP - Lab Measurements

Physical properties of airborne Martian dust particles will be measured using Martian simulants and based on state-of-the-art laboratory simulations of relevant dust suspension mechanisms. Optical properties by means of light scattering experiments will complement the set of data to describe the physical properties of suspended dust. These data will be used to improve the analysis of space observations of Mars’s atmosphere, in particular improve the retrieval of particle properties. They will also be used in GCM modelling.



WP3 - Micro-modelling 

WP - Micro-modelling

The overall objective is to complement and expand our knowledge of small and fine scale processes through numerical modelling. This work package uses data collected in the lab experiments to develop and advance parameterizations of physical processes.



 WP4 - Martian trace gases, dust and clouds

Martian trace gases, dust and clouds

Using the new dust and clouds parameterizations and properties, space data will be revisited to improve the accuracy of the retrieval of their atmsopheric content and properties, but also to improve the retrieval of the neutral atmosphere composition.



WP5 - Global modelling and climatologies

WP - Global modelling and climatologies

The detailed microphysical properties and parameterizations for dust and water ice particles will be implemented in the GCM GEM-Mars (General Circulation Model - Global Environmental Multiscale model), as well the new dust lifting and settling mechanisms. From the improved GCM simulations, an updated climate database will be generated, providing temperatures, winds, pressure and atmospheric composition (CO2, water vapour, ozone, etc.). New methods (based on Machine Learning) will be developed to build climatologies based on observed fields.





WP1 - Management

Adequate administrative management procedures are established and implemented to ensure the timely and qualitative progress of the project, as well as efficient reporting on project status and achievements.



WP6 - EPO and Dissemination

The overall objective is to disseminate the knowledge and outcomes generated by RoadMap, involving and reachingthe scientific and education community, as well as the general public.